Meandering stitch hand embroidery

Meandering stitch

A Meandering stitch, also called a Parallel running stitch, is one of the decorative variations of the Running stitch.

A Meandering stitch is a hand embroidery stitch made in two steps. First, we embroider two parallel rows of a simple Running stitch. The stitches in the rows are placed one under the other. The second step is lacing a thread through the two rows of running stitches to form a decorative motive.

Other names of the stitch

A Meandering stitch is also called a Parallel running stitch.

Applications of the Meandering stitch

A Meandering stitch can be straightforward if embroidered in one color or very decorative as we can combine up to three different colors in this stitch.

This stitch would look great in border designs or as a decorative motif on the seams. Besides that, you can add beads to this stitch and make it even more outstanding.

Some additional tips:

  • Make all the running stitches the same length, so the final ornament is symmetric and fluid.
  • Different sizes of the running stitches will create different patterns – play with them.
  • Use a blunt needle, like a tapestry needle (or the back of the needle), for lacing. Be careful not to snag the running stitch or the fabric under and not to hurt your fingers if you use the eye of a regular embroidery needle.

Meandering stitch embroidery in two colorsMeandering stitch embroidery in two colors

More variations of the Running stitch:

Video tutorial

Watch the video tutorial below and learn how to embroider the Meandering stitch.

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